JumpnJacks Moonwalk Rental Agreement
Terms and Conditions
Note:  Driver pick up time is approximate.  Driver may arrive as early as 8 a.m., and as late as 8 p.m.  To pick up the equipment.  Customer is responsible for, and
required to stay with all of the equipment until it is picked up by our representative, or other arrangements have been made.

Safety/ Operating Instructions:
In addition to the information set forth in this agreement, the customer acknowledges that there are safety and operating instructions printed on the side of the
Bounce House equipment delivered and agrees to read those instructions, and operate the equipment, or allow the equipment to be operated or used, in
accordance with those instructions.  Customer further acknowledges and understands that JumpnJacks Moonwalk  has not agreed to nor have they provided any
operators for the rental equipment, and that customer, is solely responsible for the correct and safe operation of this equipment.  Customer understands that
children's safety depends upon customer providing
AT ALL TIMES correct operations of, and the use of the equipment.  Customer further agrees to keep all
equipment away from swimming pools, and customer understands and agrees that they will not operate any electrical equipment near water.  By entering into this
agreement, customer acknowledges that there is a risk of injury or damage arising out of the use of this equipment.  Customer voluntarily agrees to keep and
maintain all safety rules for the correct, safe operation, and installation and use of all equipment, and to assume any and all risk of injury or damage.  In particular,
customer will not permit the equipment to be operated by anyone who is not fully qualified, and who has not received instructions from customer on the safe
operation and use of the equipment, nor shall customer allow any persons to use or operate the equipment when it is in need of repair, or it is in an unsafe
condition or situation.  


I understand and acknowledge that play on and amusement device entails both known and unknown risk including, but not limited to, physical injury from falling,
slipping, crash, or colliding, emotional injury, paralysis, distress, damage or death to any participant.  I hereby voluntarily and expressively release, indemnity
forever discharge and hold harmless JumpnJacks Moonwalk  from any and all liability, claims, demands, calls or rights of action whether personal to me or to a
third party, which are in any way connected with participation in this activity, including those allegedly, attributable to neglect acts or omissions.  Should Jumpn
Jacks Moonwalk  or anyone acting on behalf of JumpnJacks Moonwalk  be required to incur attorneys fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I expressly agree
to indemnity and hold JumpnJacks Moonwalk  harmless for all such fees and costs.  In the event, I, undersigned, or any of my participants file a lawsuit against
JumpnJacks Moonwalk,  it is agreed to be solely in the state of Georgia.  I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the
remaining portion shall remain in full force and effect.  In consideration of being permitted by JumpnJacks Moonwalks  to use this equipment and facilities, the
undersigned and his participants agree to indemnity and hold harmless JumpnJacks Moonwalk  from any and all claim which are brought by the undersigned and/
or their participants.  A set of rules and directions are either displayed on all of the moonwalks/ units, or have been provided to the undersigned which I agree to
follow and utilize at all times during operation and use of the unit.

Equipment, Rent, Payment, and Terms of Rental Agreement
Customer rents from JumpnJacks Moonwalk  _________________________________________________.  The rental fee of _____________is payable in full in
advance and all of customers obligation arising under the terms and conditions of this rental agreement shall run from actual delivery of the rental equipment to
the actual pick up of the rental equipment by JumpnJacks Moonwalk.  If the equipment is delivered by JumpnJacks Moonwalk  and accepted by customer, the
customer shall not be entitled to any refunds whatsoever if customer elects not to use the equipment due to weather or other causes.  

Equipment Problems/Inflatables
Should any equipment develop a problem, or does not function correctly at any time, or customer does not understand the operating instructions, customer agrees
to immediately cease use of that equipment.  In particular, if the inflatable unit begins to deflate, customers will immediately have the riders exit the unit, and then
check for one of the following conditions: 1) the motor has stopped, in which case check the power cord connection at the outlet where the unit plugs into the
house to make sure it has not been unplugged.  2) If motor continues to run, check for blockage of the air intake screen on the side of the blower unit.  Also, check
both air tubes on the back of the unit for snugness and tighten the ties if necessary.  3) If either of these steps corrects the problem, fully inflate the unit prior to
permitting anyone to use the unit.  4) If you cannot correct the problem, call our office immediately at 678-300-7820.

  • Spilled food, drinks, or the use of silly string in Inflatable could result in a $200 cleaning fee

  •  Negligence or damage to the unit could result in a repair fee of up to the cost to replace it

  • Units purposely wet when rented dry will be charged a $200 drying fee

Note: 1) All Deposits and (or) Payments are Non-Refundable.  2). A Credit Card is Required While an Inflatable is in Rental.
I hereby acknowledge, as witness by my signature, that I have read and understand that the above referenced terms and conditions and
agree to abide by them completely.

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JumpnJacks Moonwalk Rules

Adult supervision is required at all times!

NO shoes, eyeglasses, food, gum, candy, or drinks!

NO climbing on the walls or netting!  NO silly String!

One rider at a time down the Slide

No Sand in or around the Inflatable

NO flipping, somersaults, wrestling, or fighting!

Allow only the same size kids to bounce at one time!

Never jump when it is raining, lightning, or high winds! (Over 20 mph)

Blower must be kept dry at all times

Remove Blower and place in secure area overnight

Follow all Instructions on Equipment

Call me immediately if you have a problem or question!

I am responsible for all damages while the equipment is in my possession

________________________________                                       ________________________              
Name                                                                                    Date

Cain Harris 678-300-7820
The Rental Agreement and the
Rules Sheet shall be signed
before using the Equiptment